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Online Role Play

Online Role Play—Online Case Study HR Candidate Evaluation in the Recruitment Process Goes Digital! Test your candidates' behaviors with Online Role-Playing and analyze and test their presentation skills with Online Case Studies!

Evaluate Your Candidates on a Behavioral Level! Online Role Play!

Online Role-Play is an advanced assessment center application in which candidates play roles in sample scenarios based on potential situations they would need to manage in the work environment within given time frames. This allows for the testing of a variety of competencies, such as effective feedback, trustworthiness, change management, coaching, and mentoring.

Online Role Play Case study

Online Role Play


Evaluate the behaviors of your top candidates with Online Role Play

With Online Role Play, you can test your candidates based on their behaviors in response to sample situations expected in the work environment and also gain insights into your candidates’ functional and managerial competency levels. With the Reaction to Reaction (R2R) module, you can also measure your candidate’s stress management skills based on the answers to the questions the system asks your candidate.

HR digital transformation


Reach the right candidate by evaluating your candidates’ behaviors with Online Role Play, one of the digital advanced evaluation tools!

R2R (Reaction to Reaction)

Assess your candidate's stress management with their reactions to the Role Playtest!

Online Management

Presentation evaluations are applied online and can be managed through the system, monitored, evaluated, and finalized at any time.

Add Your Scenarios

You can produce scenarios suitable for your candidate evaluations and upload them in addition to those in the system.

Technical Infrastructure

During the candidate evaluation, there is camera-monitored security, technical support for the candidate when necessary, and protection of personal data in accordance with KVKK.


Let the system do the evaluation; you choose the candidate!

With the candidate evaluation module’s R2R feature, you can also evaluate the candidate’s stress management power by monitoring how the candidate manages this situation and reactive, emotional crisis management by the system reacting to the candidate who plays the required role in the scenario.

You can evaluate the Role Play exercises accurately and objectively in detail with digital candidate evaluation guides, and you can be the evaluator of your recruitment process by watching the videos recorded in the system at any time.

Online Case Study


Assess your senior candidates' skills with Online Case Study

Evaluate the skills of your top candidates with an Online Case Study, test the analysis created by your candidates, their attitude towards the resulting problem and solution proposals, and their ability to present the studies they have designed based on the data in the scenarios you provide to candidates!

By examining the analyses created by your candidates and the graphs they upload to the system with an Online Case Study, you can evaluate the competencies measured and get an idea about their visual skills by watching the recorded videos.


Online Case Study in Candidate Assessment Evaluate

Your Candidates’ Analysis and Presentation Skills Using Digital Tools in Your Recruitment Processes! Find the Right Candidate with Bull’s-eye Critical Scenarios!

Measure presentation skills in 4 different dimensions

Evaluate your candidate's presentation skills with a Case Study in language expression, presentation, content, and body language dimensions!

Online Management

Role Play is applied online and can be managed through the system, can be viewed and evaluated at any desired time, and can be concluded.

Add Your Scenarios

You can produce Case Study scenarios suitable for your candidate assessments and upload them in addition to the ones in the system.

Technical Infrastructure

During candidate assessment, security monitoring with cameras, technical support to candidates when needed, and protection of personal data in compliance with GDPR are available.


Test the Analyses Your Candidates Created with Critical Data!

The Online Case Study is a digital module where your candidates present their work by making calculations and analyses on the scenario provided within the given timeframes in a digital assessment system.

The Online Case Study allows testing skills such as agile planning, analytical thinking, attention to detail, instant decision-making, and a strategic perspective. With the Online Case Study, you can evaluate your candidates based on their behavior and gain insights into their practical presentation skills.


Reach the Most Suitable Candidate with Digital Advanced Assessment Tools Most Professionally!

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