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Question and Answer Tracking Management

Question-Answer Tracking Management Ensures No Unanswered Questions!

“Students must solve as many quality questions as possible to succeed in their exams. It is known that the experience necessary for success in exams increases with the number of questions solved. Each correct question brings the student one step closer to success. Considering all this, it is also essential for students to learn the correct answer to the questions they cannot solve immediately and experience it.

Nowadays, it is possible for our students to instantly convey the questions they cannot solve to their teachers and get answers! This is where Question-Answer Tracking Management comes into play, creating a crucial bridge between our students and their teachers explicitly tailored to your institution.

How Does Our Solution Work?

1. The student uploads the photo of the question they couldn’t solve to the application.

2. The question is sent to the teachers.

3. A teacher takes responsibility for answering the questions.

4. They can send the solution in photo, text, or audio format.

5. All students in the relevant class can see Questions marked as “Good Questions” by the teacher.


Benefits of Our Solution:

  • It has a very easy-to-use system.
  • You can make customizations specific to your institution.
  • The system can be used on both desktop and smartphone devices.
  • It instills students into a disciplined habit of solving questions regularly.
  • There is a definite increase in success in YKS and LGS subjects.
  • Reports on both queries and the performance of your students and teachers can be accessed on the report screens.


By using the Question-Answer Tracking Management in your educational institution, ensure your institution’s digitization, shorten all processes, increase student/teacher performance, and most importantly, create an efficient working environment!