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Gamified General Ability Test

Evaluate your candidates' numerical and verbal skills and abstract reasoning skills in a digital environment with the Gamified General Ability Test!
Candidate evaluation tools

Enjoyable, fun, practical, quick evaluation for your candidates!

Gamified General Ability Test is a digital recruitment tool designed to make candidate experiences enjoyable by combining traditional general ability assessments with a competitive environment.

Dijital İK Online Dil Testi |İngilizce Seviye Testi | ValoremTeam Dijital İK Oyunlaştırılmış Genel Yetenek Testi ile adaylarınızın sayısal ve sözel becerileri ile soyut kavrama becerilerini de dijital ortamda değerlendirin!

Gamified General Ability Test

Efficiency Score

Evaluate your candidates' potential for strategic thinking with efficiency scores based on your candidates' use of jokers.

Fun Processes

You can make your candidate evaluations more creative and fun in your Recruitment Processes.

Online / Mobile Compatible

Gamified Quizzes can be taken online and are compatible with your mobile devices.

Flexible Question Times

In gamified tests, the answer times determined for each question can be determined by the companies.

Voice-over Feature

With the voice-over feature, the questions and options on the screen can be listened to simultaneously in gamified tests.

Joker Right

"Use Additional Time, Change Question, Handle the Wrong Option" wildcard rights can be used during game time.


Increase Your Brand Value as Your Candidates Have Fun!

Traditional general ability tests, especially for the Y generation at the heart of the workforce and the upcoming Z generation entering the workforce, have gamified the recruitment process to foster high motivation. The Gamified General Ability Test, focusing on three dimensions of general ability, can measure your candidates’ verbal, numerical, and abstract reasoning skills.

oyunlaştırılmış genel yetenek testi
Dynamic Processes in the Recruitment Process

The Fun Side of Candidate Evaluation in Hiring

By structuring your evaluation focused on your candidates, you can become a sought-after and preferred brand in the business world’s professionals and increase your value. You can reduce possible stress factors in your candidate evaluation processes and offer candidates an enjoyable recruitment process by using the Gamified General Ability Test.


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