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KVKK Process Management

Eliminate Risks with KVKK Process Management!

Are you aware of the risks and penalties associated with incorrect management of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) processes?

Do you know the fines that you may face for non-compliance with Law No. 6698 and the administrative and technical obligations it entails?

Mastering GDPR processes is crucial to avoid significant penalties. Even taking several precautions and incurring additional costs to protect against risks, your business may still face significant risks in the event of a data breach.

Even with numerous precautions,

there’s a risk of inaccuracies in the data inventory. Failure to comply with a data owner’s request could trigger a KVKK inspection following a complaint. Your business remains accountable, and fines may be levied. What if we told you you could reduce your investments to minimize risks? With KVKK Process Management, boasting an advanced digital infrastructure, your business can shield itself from all KVKK-related risks, allowing you to navigate your business’s future confidently!


Our Solution encompasses:

I am obtaining a Personal Data Inventory output based on criteria and headings stipulated by the KVKK.

Monitor and manage the transfer of personal data between countries, as well as oversee and track deadlines for the KVKK Destruction and Deletion Procedure. By utilizing established mechanisms, you can ensure the seamless continuation of KVKK Compliance Projects.

Tracking data flow through Flow Charts, assessing the current risk structure of the data, and managing data subject requests through a user-friendly interface. Additionally, you can oversee and monitor approval processes related to data addition, modification, and deletion.

You keep your processes up-to-date by regularly surveying your departments and documenting changes. Lastly, you can establish the KVKK Management Organization by assigning responsibilities to various departments.

By leveraging data mapping analyses, you can make informed decisions about your security investments, saving time and money!

Our Team is committed to upholding personal data laws. We boast advanced cybersecurity expertise derived from diverse experiences across over 60 process consultancies. Our comprehensive KVKK proficiency aligns with corporate structures and is dedicated to KVKK/GDPR compliance.

Our solution mitigates the risk of issues arising in your VERBIS registration, eliminates unnecessary investments, ensures precise execution of duties by Legal and IT departments, reduces the likelihood of business and authorized personnel penalties, streamlines KVKK processes, and mitigates risks. Additionally, it halves the compliance project duration from 3 to 6 months. This prevents over-reliance on a single department for KVKK responsibilities.

Advantages of Our Solution: No initial investment is required. There is no impact on your existing ERP and other software. There is no need for costly integration software. It’s cost-effective due to its monthly subscription model (SaaS = Software as a Service). There’s no security risk since your organization doesn’t handle, use, or store personal data.

When will you begin safeguarding your business from risks by implementing KVKK Process Management?