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Strategic Digital HR Management Solution

Flexible, Customizable, and Scalable Tailored to Corporate Needs Dynamic Strategic Digital HR Management Solution

Human Resources Management needs a Strategic Digital HR Solution (HR Software, program, or system) to cover and manage all HR processes efficiently.

ValoremTeam Strategic Digital HR Solution (HRMS) is a modern and user-friendly HR software that can be fully customized to meet your organization's unique needs. Its adaptability to your specific requirements reassures you.

ValoremTeam Strategic Digital HR Solution (HRMS): What does it offer you?

Our expert team guides you in determining the most suitable modules to meet your needs.

We make adjustments in the system that are suitable for your Corporate Identity during installation.

We tailor and load HR data and employee information in the system according to your organizational structure and processes.

We authorize by defining the roles you want.

We complete integrations with your other systems.

and within 15 days, we offer you a ready-to-use, efficient, sustainable, and easy-to-use HR Program.

Personal Information Module

Easily manage and keep up-to-date your personnel files and information in compliance with legal regulations using ValoremTeam's Strategic Digital HR Management Solution (HRMS) with HR Software, HR Program, and HR System.

Forget about old Personnel Information Software.

Create your personal information customized for your company, transfer personnel information, and start using it with the current interface and dynamic identification areas.

Payroll Management Module

Manage your payroll processes quickly and reliably by integrating with personnel and leave modules to eliminate operational burdens.
Make calculations in compliance with legal regulations with ValoremTeam's Strategic Digital HR Management Solution (HRMS), an HR Software, program, and system. Keep calculations up to date by instantly changing payroll calculation parameters.

With the Payroll Management module integrated with ValoremTeam's Legal Valid Digital Payroll and Document Signature Management HR Software, you can send payrolls and documents to your employees digitally and get your employees to sign payrolls and documents digitally and legally valid.

  • Modern and user-friendly HR software with HR Program and HR System speeds up your operations without time and space limitations with the Cloud-based structure of the Strategic Digital HR Management Solution (HRMS).
  • Increase your security with an authorization feature and provide access only to specific individuals.
  • You can define and assign special payroll periods and parameters to employee groups.
  • All fields are determined by current legislation and can be updated if desired—track salary changes with the Payroll Management Module, a Payroll Program.
  • Transfer automatic attendance with the Strategic Digital HR Management Solution and manage bulk over time.
  • Define special and additional payments and manage BES deductions through the system.
  • Define execution and alimony files and add conditions such as priority.
  • Share payrolls with mobile-compatible interfaces.
  • Your employees can easily read their payrolls with an understandable payroll design.
  • Respond to questions and comments through the system.
  • Generate custom reports for the organization and download data.

Permission/Leave and Time Management

ith ValoremTeam's Strategic Digital HR Management Solution (HRMS), which includes HR Software, HR Programs, and HR Systems, the Leave and Time Management Module effectively tracks and manages staff leave, overtime, and task times.

The Permission and Time Management Module, which has exceptional control and approval mechanisms to ensure compliant and timely leave usage and tracking, will increase the efficiency of your processes.

  • Define, manage, and track the leave process dynamically according to your organization.
  • Specify custom leave types, conditions, official permissions, and holidays for your organization.
  • With a Strategic Digital HR Management Solution (HRMS) that includes HR Software, HR Program, and HR System, you can view, filter, and report multiple approval processes, staff groups, and leave requests from a single screen.
  • See staff leave rights, histories, and total leave usage.
  • Collect document requirements and forms according to leave types.
  • Bulk manage leave requests for approval from managers or the admin panel.
  • Track staff location and tasks with the activity calendar.
  • Automatically transfer leaves affecting payroll according to leave types.

Recruitment Process Management Module

Get the end-to-end recruitment solution with ValoremTeam's Strategic Digital HR Management Solution (HRMS), an HR Software, HR Program, and HR System designed with all the details.

Create recruitment forms, plan the process, and enter content to increase candidate communication efficiency, speed, and impact.

  • Take the personnel requests of unit managers through the system.
  • Create custom application forms for your institution. Share with QR code and collect applications.
  • Create and associate candidate pools.
  • Set up a particular recruitment portal and communicate with candidates. Inform candidates at every step of the process and send emails/SMS.
  • Share interviews and recruitment process with managers.
  • Filter and evaluate candidates according to position requirements.
  • Use talent, knowledge, competency, etc., tests, and get detailed reports. Model and enter behavior-based evaluations and get detailed reports.
  • Evaluate candidate satisfaction with ValoremTeam Strategic Digital HR Management Solution (HRMS) with HR Software, HR System, and HR Program and report.
  • Get detailed reports on all parameters and request customized reports.

Suggestion and Request Management Module

Get rid of classic suggestion forms and boxes with ValoremTeam's Strategic Digital HR Management Solution (HRMS), which has HR Software, an HR Program, and an HR System. Collect and evaluate suggestions with the new generation and sustainable infrastructure.

Our suggestion module helps you collect valuable ideas and tips from knowledgeable people and have a say in process improvement efforts.

  • We have unlimited options for designing suggestions and request forms for organizations.
  • Specify the period and topic for your suggestions with the Strategic Digital HR Management Solution (HRMS) with HR Software, HR System, and HR Program, and organize suggestion contests by defining the conditions.
  • Use QR Codes to collect information and suggestions from employees anonymously.
  • Define the approval process for suggestions and requests by categorizing and analyzing them by categories.
  • Facilitate access for employees with a user-friendly interface compatible with smartphones and tablets.
  • Increase participation rates with Announcements and guidance using the Strategic Digital HR Management Solution and track the status of employees’ suggestions and requests.
  • You can comment, publish suggestions in the system, and perform evaluation and scoring processes—associate suggestions with methods and strategies.
  • Efficiently manage the process with detailed reporting, filtering, and tracking interfaces.

Turnover Analysis and Exit Interview

With ValoremTeam's Strategic Digital HR Management Solution (HRMS),
which includes HR Software, HR programs, and HR systems, you can analyze the reasons for employee turnover and gather data.

Conduct systematic exit surveys and interviews to retain your talented employees. Identify and report the reasons for unwanted turnover and the loss of talented personnel.

  • Create exit surveys and exit interview forms dynamically.
  • Model the exit interview process according to your needs.
  • Send exit surveys to employees and report the results in detail.
  • Enter the date the employee will leave the job, and the system will automatically send the survey and collect and share the data.
  • Track participation in the exit survey, and the system notifies you when the survey is completed.
  • Save exit interview notes in the system and report on 18 parameters, such as department, person, date range, and position.
  • Examine turnover reasons with graphs and download the graphs as PDFs.
  • Get periodic turnover analysis reports and track monthly exits and rates. Identify the main and sub reasons for employee turnover with Strategic Digital HR Management Solutions with HR Software, HR Programs, and HR Systems, and track with smart graphs and reports.
  • Analyze employee satisfaction levels and work experience during employment—flexible reporting based on demographic and organizational breakdowns.
  • Share employee survey responses with managers and relevant individuals.

Organization Management and Analysis

Design and manage your organization's structure and strategic management infrastructure with ValoremTeam Strategic Digital HR Management Solution (HRMS), an HR Software, HR Program, and HR System.

The organization management and analysis tool is a dynamic infrastructure suitable for all corporate structures.

Model it to meet your needs, transfer your data, and start using it.

  • You can create your organization structure, define relationships, and display them in schemas or lists.
  • By defining your company and SGK workplace, you can associate the organizational structure with employees.
  • You can define and connect unit, location, and hierarchy structures with individuals. You can link positions, tasks, and goals by defining your processes, strategies, and projects.
  • You can create talent, skill, personality, and interview schemas for positions by creating positions.
  • By defining position requirements, you can associate employees working in that position.
  • Based on position requirements and expected qualifications, you can report the suitability ratio of all employees for the position.
  • You can send tests and inventories defined for the position to evaluate candidates and report the results through the recruitment module.
  • Enter, match, update, download, or print task descriptions with positions.
  • You can perform productivity analysis by tracking task duration, frequency, and periods.
  • Be ready to design and manage onboarding and offboarding processes.
  • Access all employee information on a single screen and enter and update data.
  • With a Strategic Digital HR Management Solution (HRMS) that includes HR Software, HR System, and HR Program, visually and numerically view and report your employees’ distributions based on organizational and demographic information.
  • You can manage and monitor the entire organizational structure with an internet connection.
  • Thanks to the online infrastructure, you can instantly access the necessary data by logging into the system through your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Internal Communication Management

ValoremTeam's Strategic Digital HR Management Solution (HRMS), which includes HR Software, HR Programs, and HR Systems, will bring social media usage to your organization and provide a digital environment for your employees.

Strengthen your communication with internal communication management to enhance continuous communication with your personnel, quickly accessible human resources applications, and corporate belonging.

  • You can easily define and apply talent, knowledge, skills, and personality tests to the system.
  • You can create questions such as scale, multiple-choice, ranking, open-ended, etc.
  • You can assign questions based on dimensions and view scores.
  • You can create tests at different difficulty levels by classifying based on the target audience and determining difficulties.
  • You can personalize test designs and appearances and create instructions, informational content, and guidance.
  • By determining weight, norms, and application methods, you can conduct online and administer exams from smartphones, tablets, and computers.
  • With the Strategic Digital HR Management Solution (HRMS) with HR Software, HR System, and HR Program, you can create personalized exams for candidates, prevent question sharing, and record camera footage, sound, and mouse movements during the exam.
  • You can share exam results and receive feedback by adding surveys.
  • You can integrate it into the recruitment process and perform modeling and reporting at assessment centers.
  • You can get detailed reports by analyzing all parameters.

Performance and Competence Module

Through the ValoremTeam Strategic Digital HR Management Solution (HRMS), which includes HR Software, programs, and systems, you can carry out your performance evaluations in a multidimensional way (based on goals and competencies) and according to your organization's performance model, making it easy to manage the process.

Managing the performance evaluation process is very easy.

No matter your organization's size, we model your processes through software.

  • You can evaluate KPIs, skills, goals, and other performance criteria on a single platform.
  • You can align your goals and performance metrics with corporate strategies and processes.
  • The pyramid model lets you link position performance criteria together and comprehensively report progress from lower positions to higher levels.
  • Creating goal pools means you don’t have to define the same goal each period.
  • By defining position performance criteria, you can make the system reflect on individuals.
  • You can upload goal achievements to the system anytime and ensure that employees track them.
  • You can determine goal calculation conditions and define goal-based formulas to reflect performance scores. You can include different sources (such as customers) in the process, including 90, 180, 270, and 360-degree skill assessment methods.
  • You can perform a 360-degree evaluation by defining your organizational structure with a single click.
  • You can improve the data quality in skill assessments with statistical control mechanisms.
  • You can weigh the performance component towards goals, skills, and resources.
  • The performance report provides the individual’s development needs and the development guide through the system.
  • You can export data using the desired criteria and level in Excel format.
  • With the Strategic Digital HR Management Solution (HRMS), which includes HR Software, HR System, and HR Program, you can publish individuals’ goal cards and performance reports on the internal communication portal and ensure they receive them.
  • Managers can access and set goals based on team performance results.
  • As it is integrated with the training management system, you can use performance evaluation results as input in training and development activities.

Research and Survey Module

Create surveys with ValoremTeam's Strategic Digital HR Management Solution (HRMS), an HR Software, HR Program, and HR System; share them with your employees or candidates, and report the data you collect.

In addition to your surveys, conduct scientific research with consulting services provided by our team and research content that complies with scientific norms.

  • Create surveys of any size, question, and research with accessible interfaces.
  • Share surveys with your staff, customers, or candidates using an online survey application.
  • Associate surveys with exams and training and analyze the results.
  • Analyze the validity and reliability of the research with Strategic Digital HR Management Solution (HRMS) with HR Software, HR System, and HR Program. Send surveys and receive responses via SMS or smartphone applications.
  • Generate QR codes to access your surveys—track participation status in real-time with infographics.
  • Send informative and reminder SMS or emails to participants—report survey responses with demographic information.
  • Get your results in bulk Excel files.
  • Implement surveys on employee satisfaction, employee engagement, internal customer satisfaction, exit reasons survey, customer satisfaction survey, and training effectiveness evaluation surveys using ready-made survey and report templates.

Training (LMS) Module

With ValoremTeam's Strategic Digital HR Management Solution, which includes HR Software, HR Program, and HR System, you can effectively and efficiently manage your organization's training and development activities.

We Create custom solutions for you.

With our up-to-date technologies, dynamic infrastructure, and unique solutions, we support continuous improvement by transferring your training processes to the system.

  • Create your training catalog and share it with your staff.
  • You can create video, interactive, or PDF and PowerPoint training.
  • Define in-class training and manage the training process.
  • Determine the frequency, mandatory status, and priority of training and control the system.
  • Create a training request form with HR Software, HR System, and HR Program Strategic Digital HR Management Solution (HRMS) and collect training requests based on your desired parameters.
  • Match training requests with available training and assign them automatically.
  • Create and manage periodic training plans on the system.
  • Plan training resources through the system.
  • Create training, development, and orientation plans with day and date-based, multi-component structures.
  • Add pre-tests, post-tests, and surveys to training and share them with participants.
  • Add activities and assignments to training and track them.
  • Enable participants to rate training and track training scores.
  • Assign certificates to training and programs, allowing the system to generate certificates automatically.
  • Watch training seamlessly with our Vimeo and innovative video player infrastructure, and track participants’ training participation status in real-time.
  • Define and manage all components yourself.
  • Track the training and development of your team members by managers and assign training to personnel.

Digital Human Resources Management: Why is it essential for businesses?

Digital human resources management is of great importance for businesses today. Companies can make their processes more efficient, better manage their employees, and increase profitability through it.

Human resources management is a process that businesses need to manage, from employee recruitment to all stages of the work process. Digital human resources management allows this process to be managed using digital platforms and software, and this management style has many advantages.

Digital human resources management makes it easier for businesses to manage personnel management processes, including recruitment, performance management, training, and development. Digital platforms allow firms to manage these processes more quickly and effectively.

Digital human resources management enables businesses to store personnel data more efficiently and securely. Traditional human resources management methods, being paper-based, carry the risk of personnel data being lost or stolen. Digital human resources management eliminates this risk by storing personnel data digitally.

Digital human resources management allows businesses to better track the performance of their employees. This tracking is essential to measuring employee performance and helping the company achieve its goals. Digital human resources management conducts performance measurement and evaluation processes more quickly and effectively.

Digital human resources management enables businesses to manage their employees’ training and development. Companies can identify employees’ training needs and provide training and development programs through digital platforms. As a result, employees are better trained, and the business’s performance improves.

Furthermore, digital human resources management helps businesses make more accurate decisions. The data obtained through digital human resources management provides a better foundation for businesses’ personnel management and strategic planning. Additionally, digital human resources management increases employee job satisfaction and motivation, helping the company retain its employees and sustain its success.

Therefore, digital human resources management is necessary for businesses and helps them increase their competitiveness.