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Digital HR Recruitment Candidate Assessment Center

With the Digital HR Recruitment Center, candidate evaluation and recruitment can be faster, accessible, practical, functional, and cost-effective.
Digital Assessment Center for Employees and Candidates

Why Digital HR Candidate Assessment Center?

Here are some reasons for the digital transformation of your HR candidate assessment methods in your recruitment process.


Increase the value of your brand with professional digital recruitment tools.

Secure / Safety

Store your data safely in compliance with the GDPR during your recruitment process.


Streamline your candidate evaluation processes systematically.


Find the most suitable candidate for your strong positions as quickly as possible.

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700+ brands are using Digital HR recruitment technologies in candidate evaluation processes.

Digital HR Tools in Recruitment Management

Digital HR Recruitment Candidate Evaluation Center with 10 Digital Tools in One

Evaluation Technology for Employees and Candidates on Digital Platform for HR Digital Transformation

Meet this system, which offers many candidate evaluation modules under one roof and works with integrated digital recruitment tools for employee and candidate evaluation!

Digital HR Tools in Recruitment Management

Online Assessment Center

In Digital Recruitment Management, you can digitalize your entire candidate evaluation and recruitment process with the Digital HR Recruitment Candidate Evaluation Center, i.e. Online Assessment Center tools.

Thanks to the integrated system that offers all digital recruitment tools together, you can evaluate more candidates in a very short time and objectively.

Realizing your HR digital transformation saves you time and costs as Digital Human Resources recruitment tools facilitate your recruitment management.

Digital Human Resources in recruitment management

Digital Human Resources in the Recruitment Process

Recruitment processes carried out using traditional methods are insufficient to find the suitable candidate.

According to research, 78% of resumes contain misleading statements.

Resume review and face-to-face interviews may not provide satisfactory information about the candidate’s qualifications and competencies or may be misleading.

Interviews are subjective assessments and are a poor predictor of a candidate’s performance once hired.

For these reasons, companies need additional methods to obtain more valid information about the candidate during recruitment and to provide guidance in determining the validity of the information obtained through CVs and interviews.

Online Role Play Case study

All Online Digital Recruitment Tools

Identification of the Most Suitable Candidate for the Position

Time and Cost Savings

Analyzed Data Analytics

Digital Human Resources in recruitment management

Evaluation Technology of Employees and Candidates on Digital Platform

Digital HR in the Recruitment Process You can digitalize all your recruitment and candidate evaluation processes with the Recruitment Candidate Evaluation Center, i.e. Online Assessment Center tools.

A system that offers many evaluation modules required to evaluate candidates and employees under a single roof and ensures that the modules work integrated with each other.

Everything about digital HR!

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