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Task and Project Tracking Management

Track Tasks and Projects to Catch Up on Time, Complete All Your Work Without Missing Anything!

  • You’re working so, so hard, perhaps not even finding time to rest.
  • What if, despite all that hard work, tasks don’t get completed on time?
  • How do you think your employees are spending their time in your business?
  • Even if you know they’re working hard, how confident are you that they’re working efficiently?


When a structured work approach isn’t established, the time needed for tasks increases. What could be finished in 2 hours with planning might end up consuming your entire day without it. Are you aware that it’s possible for your employees to work at their highest efficiency in your business?

Our Task and Project Tracking Solution is a web-based management system that simplifies planning and tracking of tasks and projects, facilitating collaboration within your team.

With Our Task and Project Tracking Solution in Simple Steps:

* Define tasks and projects with their deadlines.

* Assign tasks to your employees, customers, or suppliers.

* Set up reminders for deadlines.

* Then, track tasks and projects from all your devices.

* Archive tasks on the cloud when they are completed.


Why Our Task and Project Tracking Solution?

  • Tracking tasks shared via meeting minutes is difficult and inefficient.
  • When tasks are written in a single place such as large boards, they are not always visible.
  • Tasks noted in a calendar independently lose their coherence.
  • Email programs are inadequate for task or project tracking.
  • ERP integrated software requires high investment, and the same costliness persists when you want to abandon it.
  • Foreign-sourced task and project management software may not always meet demands and may not offer the flexibility to deviate from standard patterns.
  • Foreign-sourced task and project management software are not open to development and improvement.


With our solution, you can track:

– Decisions and tasks taken according to the agenda in all kinds of meetings,

– Tasks assigned to employees,

– Tasks related to projects of any size,

– Post-meeting information flow, file, video, image sharing, etc.,

– Requests sent to suppliers,

– Promises or services provided to customers,

– Instant tasks given verbally,

– Goals set for your team,

– Tasks assigned to field teams,

– Tasks related to your own business that need to be completed.

These can all be placed in the system and monitored, ensuring that no task, job, or project is overlooked, and you can achieve 100% completion without missing anything!

So, when will you start increasing your company’s productivity by using Task and Project Tracking?