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Online Technical Tests and Informatics Tests

Online Computer Test Online Technical Tests Test your candidates in your HR Recruitment Process! Contact us for HTML, CSS, Java, SQL, information security, Mechanical, Keyboard, Excel tests, and more!

Measure Your Candidates' Technical Competencies Online!

With HTML & CSS, C#, Java, SQL, Network, Oracle, Keyboard Test, Financial Literacy Test, Basic IT, Excel test, and more IT tests, your human resources candidate evaluations are easy, online, and digital.

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Why Choose Us

Why Technical Tests and IT Tests?

For positions where technical knowledge and skills are essential, you can evaluate your candidates in a versatile way with Online IT Tests and Technical Tests during recruitment. With HR digital transformation, you can quickly identify suitable candidates for your position and save time and money.


In your candidates' coding skills, the next question in C# and SQL exams depends on the accuracy of the candidate's answer.


During exams, photos and videos are taken regularly to ensure security by determining the number of people detected by the camera and any suspicious situations.

Live Support

With live candidate support, technical assistance can be provided to your candidates immediately during the exam.

Mobile Exam Tests

It can be solved online, and the system is compatible with mobile devices.

Evaluate Candidates in Your Hiring Processes

Apply for Technical and IT tests online, and Find the Best Candidate! With Online IT Tests and Technical Tests, you can measure the professional and technical knowledge levels of your candidates in their fields and reach the most suitable candidates in the hiring processes of many software, IT, and programming positions at the lowest costs.

In candidate evaluations during the hiring process, you can easily determine technical knowledge levels such as IT literacy, programming language, and Excel usage. You can also get an idea of how familiar your candidate is with technological innovations, trends, and technical developments in the IT field worldwide.


What are Technical Tests and IT Tests?

HTML&CSS, Financial Literacy, C#, Java, SQL, Excel test, Network, Keyboard Test, Oracle, Basic IT,… and more…

C# ve SQL

Evaluate your candidates using practical tests rather than traditional ones using digital recruitment tools.

Keyboard Exam Evaluate

Your candidates' keyboard proficiency, speed, and competence online and practically.

Digital Literacy Test

Your candidates' knowledge and skills in computer technologies online.

Excel Test: Measure

Microsoft Excel programını kullanma yetkinliği konusunda adaylarınızın bilgi ve becerilerini ölçün!


Evaluate the knowledge and skills of your candidates in HTML and CSS through practical applications.


Evaluate the knowledge and skills of your top-level expert candidates in Java technologies online.

One step into the digital World


Other digital tools in the Digital HR Recruitment Candidate Evaluation Center

Online General Ability Tests

Test your candidates in the digital environment with the Online General Ability Test and General Knowledge Test!

Online Technical Tests and IT Tests

Including HTML, CSS, Java, SQL, information security, mechanical, keyboard, and Excel, and more technical tests like digital recruitment tools, are here!

Online Role Play

Evaluate your candidates using online role play and advanced digital recruitment tools to test their behaviors!

Online Case Study

Test your candidates' Analysis and Presentation Skills with an Online Case Study and advanced digital recruitment tools while evaluating them!

Online Presentation and Online Project

In the recruitment process, use digital recruitment tools to evaluate your candidates' knowledge and competencies in "Online Presentation" and their technical expertise in "Online Projects" in the digital environment!

Gamified Tests

Evaluate your candidates' numerical verbal and abstract conceptual skills in the digital environment with the Digital HR Gamified General Ability Test!