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About Us

About Us

Who are we?

ValoremTeam is a cutting-edge consulting and collaboration platform that guides companies worldwide through their digital transformation journey.

What We Offer:

ValoremTeam delivers innovative, modern solutions tailored to meet companies’ diverse needs, supporting their business value growth through our team of highly experienced professionals, known as ‘Value Consultants.’ Renowned in their respective industries and equipped with solid connections and references, our Value Consultants are trusted advisors committed to enhancing business efficiency and accelerating growth.

Our Mission:

We are committed to bridging the gap between innovative technology producers and businesses seeking highly efficient solutions. With a keen focus on technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship, we profoundly understand the ever-evolving business landscape. By fostering connections between technology producers and companies, we facilitate the adoption of cutting-edge technologies and drive innovation.

Our Vision:

We aspire to become a global leader in providing business solutions, empowering companies to fortify their foundation for the future and accelerate their business value growth.

We Add “Value” to Your Business:

At ValoremTeam, we embody our name – ‘value team.’ Our consultants are dedicated to one mission: enhancing the value of your organization. We make a single promise to assist you in elevating the value of your business and institution.

In cooperation with ValoremTeam, you can:

Digitalize Your Business:

Partnering with ValoremTeam enables you to seamlessly digitalize your business operations, unlocking increased efficiency and profitability opportunities.

Minimize Risks:

With our tailored solutions, you can mitigate risks effectively, safeguarding your business from potential threats and preserving its value.

Reduce Your Costs:

ValoremTeam empowers you to optimize your processes, leading to significant cost reductions across your operations while maintaining quality and performance.

How do we fulfill our promise? Here's how:

ValoremTeam facilitates your success by identifying and implementing solutions that propel you and your institution forward swiftly and seamlessly. Leveraging our team of consultants, trainers, and the most valuable software solutions available, we guide you toward success with ease.

– Cost Reduction without Compromising Quality: We enable you to reduce costs without sacrificing quality, ensuring efficient operations while maintaining excellence.

– Risk Mitigation: We work with you to minimize risks, providing strategic insights and solutions to safeguard your business interests.

– Revenue Growth: Our strategies are designed to boost your revenues, drive business growth, and enhance your brand reputation.

Our Goal:

Our Goal: Adding Value to Our Country through Software Exports!

Valorem Team aims to enhance further the software sector’s contribution to our country, which is a driving force in many fields.

In pursuit of this goal, the Valorem Team aims to strengthen software solutions that are tested and approved by its expert team domestically and globally. We understand that exports are the most crucial aspect of adding value to our country.

Our primary objective is for Turkish software firms to attain the position they deserve on the global stage in software exports, the most value-added form of exports!


Boost Your Success with ValoremTeam. Leave Behind the Issues that Cause Concern and Trouble in Your Organization.


ValoremTeam is “Value Addition.” It aims to support institutions in increasing their efficiency. After analysis, it provides its support under three main headings: "Training," "Consultancy," and "Software Solutions." ValoremTeam is a new-generation consultancy platform that strives to help you solve all your problems simultaneously.

Its activities are to find, select, inspect, and approve the best Consultancy, Training, and Software Solutions for you. This way, you can find the best solution for your institution. 

VALOREMTEAM is a next-generation consultancy platform aimed at enhancing organizations' productivity. Our goal is to assist clients in finding solutions to their problems through Training, Consultancy, and Software Solutions. 

Our activities revolve around identifying, selecting, auditing, and approving our clients' best consultancy, training, and software solutions. This ensures that clients can access the most suitable solutions for their organizations.

Consultant Onboarding Process: To become a consultant at ValoremTeam, you need to be recommended by a friend, demonstrate efficiency in your work, undergo ValoremTeam consultancy training, and have knowledge of process management.

Trainer Onboarding Process: To become a trainer at ValoremTeam, you must verify your expertise in the training topic, transition your training materials to an online format, and align with the training team's criteria.

Software Solutions Development Process: A software developer must ensure that your solution operates smoothly. After receiving approval from the software inspection and approval committee at ValoremTeam, a product leader is assigned to your software solution. You then train this product leader on all aspects, and they will represent you within ValoremTeam and collaborate with you on projects.

Becoming a ValoremTeam Client: The process begins with a ValoremTeam consultant listening to your needs, identifying your requirements, and determining the most effective solutions. They continue to add value through consultants, trainers, or software solutions and monitor your needs to provide ongoing solutions.

You need to apply. A friend will be appointed for you and will start listening to you. This will identify your needs and ensure that all the necessary solutions reach you in order.

Simply applying is sufficient. A consultant will be assigned to you, who will then begin listening to your needs. They will work to identify your requirements and ensure that all necessary solutions reach you in sequence.

At Valorem Team, all suppliers undergo scrutiny by a committee before selection. We ensure that all solutions we offer to organizations fulfill their promises 100%. Whether it's cloud-based or on-premise software solutions, face-to-face or online software consultancy, and training solutions, we work with a guarantee that allows you to discontinue without any justification if you are unsatisfied. Valorem Team always operates in a manner that ensures your satisfaction and enables you to recommend us to others.

ValoremTeam consultants do not charge a fee for the consultancy services they provide. They aim to conduct the necessary research and identify needs to enhance efficiency. If you decide to use a solution, you will pay the fees determined by our suppliers for that solution. However, it's important to note that ValoremTeam does not mark up supplier prices. In summary, you will purchase at the same price as the supplier.

ValoremTeam's primary focus is efficiently meeting customer needs. Developments in our country and the world may involve service delivery through payment systems known as SAAS or purchasing licenses with maintenance fees. The most crucial aspect for ValoremTeam consultants to understand is that if a product or service does not add value to a company, it will not be sold. Above all, what matters most is the company's increased efficiency in receiving consultancy from ValoremTeam.

Just requesting is enough. ValoremTeam will only be satisfied with a result that you are satisfied with. We will not offer you anything that is not right for you or does not add value to your company. If you have accidentally reached such a result or, for any other reason, want to discontinue the solution you have received, you can do so immediately.

Keep Up with Change

We work for you and offer the best solutions that will contribute to your digitalization.