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Online Language Tests

Online Language Test In the Human Resources Hiring Process, have your candidates evaluate their skills with Digital HR applications! Consult with us to determine your candidates' levels with the Digital HR Online English test and German Language Level Test!

Digital HR Online Language Test

Online Language Tests are digital candidate assessment tools that enable you to measure the language skills of your candidates in four different dimensions: reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, and listening skills. In your recruitment process, Online Language Tests: You can use digital HR tools in 8 different languages ​​, including English proficiency test, German, French, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, and Turkish in your candidate evaluations.

Dijital İK Online Dil Testi |İngilizce Seviye Testi | ValoremTeam Dijital İK Oyunlaştırılmış Genel Yetenek Testi ile adaylarınızın sayısal ve sözel becerileri ile soyut kavrama becerilerini de dijital ortamda değerlendirin!

Other digital tools in the Digital HR Recruitment Candidate Evaluation Center

Online Personality Inventory Test

The first Online Personality Inventory Test identifies and analyzes personality factors in your digital recruitment process, turning them into Human Resources value.

Smart Video Interview Online

Clarify your Candidate Evaluations with the Online Smart Video Interview Application!

Online Language Tests

Measure your candidates' levels in English, German Language Level Tests, and nine different languages with Digital HR applications!

Online General Ability Tests

Test your candidates in the digital environment with the Online General Ability Test and General Knowledge Test!

Online Technical Tests and IT Tests

Including HTML, CSS, Java, SQL, information security, mechanical, keyboard, and Excel, and more technical tests like digital recruitment tools, are here!

Online Role Play

Evaluate your candidates using online role play and advanced digital recruitment tools to test their behaviors!

Online Case Study

Test your candidates' Analysis and Presentation Skills with an Online Case Study and advanced digital recruitment tools while evaluating them!

Online Presentation and Online Project

In the recruitment process, use digital recruitment tools to evaluate your candidates' knowledge and competencies in "Online Presentation" and their technical expertise in "Online Projects" in the digital environment!

Gamified Tests

Evaluate your candidates' numerical verbal and abstract conceptual skills in the digital environment with the Digital HR Gamified General Ability Test!