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Legally Valid Digital HR

Manage all your HR documents digitally with Legal Valid Digital HR Solution!

The Legal Valid Digital HR Solution offers a secure and efficient method for managing all HR documents (including Payroll, HR Documents, Leave Forms, Personal Files, HR Forms, Employment Contracts, etc.) in a digital format. It facilitates electronic signatures, ensuring legal compliance and obviating the need for physical handovers. Moreover, it allows for the archiving of signed documents as legally binding evidence on your servers, ensuring peace of mind.

Dijital İK

How to ensure the legal validity of signatures on payrolls and HR documents?

The legality of signatures on payroll and HR documents is guaranteed through TÜBİTAK Time Stamp and 3D Identity Verification (SMS/OTP) method. Our Legal Valid Digital HR, E-Payroll, E-HR, and Legal Valid Digital Payroll Solution stands as the sole software utilizing verifiable signature stamps endorsed by TÜBİTAK and GSM Operators. In court proceedings, proving document originality and signature authenticity is paramount. Verifiable signature stamps, being non-reproducible, must be affixed to the papers.

By what method are documents signed? 

Documents are signed utilizing the TÜBİTAK Time Stamp and 3D Identity Verification (SMS/OTP) method, also employed by the Ministry of Finance and Banks.

Where are signed documents stored?

All signed documents utilized in HR processes, E-Payroll, E-Personnel, and Legally Valid Digital Payrolls are stored on the employer’s servers. All transactions are managed on a unified platform.

Legally Valid Digital HR Software furnishes user-friendly interfaces for administrative users and staff.

How are payroll and documents distributed to employees?

By uploading PDF files (payroll, documents, etc.) to the system, you can swiftly dispatch them to thousands of employees via SMS within minutes.

Through OCR technology, documents are extracted from PDF files and matched with the employee’s ID number.

Only documents with a 100% match can be viewed by staff.

How do employees sign their payrolls and documents?

Employees receive an SMS on their mobile phones containing a link to view, download, and sign their Payrolls and Documents.

No Android/iOS application download is required. To complete the signature process, employees input the one-time password (OTP) received on their mobile phones for identity verification.

Where Can Employees Access Their Payslips and Documents?

Employees can access their payroll and documents through the Self-Service HR Portal, facilitating convenient access, download, and sharing of documents.

Employees can manage all transactions, fill out, and sign forms (such as leave requests, claims, personal documents, etc.) from their mobile phones, tablets, or computers.

Where can the employer access signed payroll and employee documents?

The system generates a digital personnel file for each employee, housing all personnel documents, leave forms, payroll information, and other signed documents for management and digital archiving on the employer’s servers.

Through the personnel file module, employment documents can be received in a digitally approved format using the TÜBİTAK Time Stamp method, managed, and digitally archived.





Legal Valid Signature Technologies:

  • Enhanced Electronic Signature (TÜBİTAK Time Stamp + SMS/OTP + Forensic Log) for Legal Valid Digital HR, E-Payroll, E-Personnel, and Legal Valid Digital Payroll
  • Electronic Signature (E-signature)
  • Mobile Signature (M-signature)
  • Time Stamp Signature (TS)
  • Digital Signature/Biometric Signature
  • Wet Signature (Verifiable and Confirmable)
  • Signature Verification and Compliance Statement

Technologies Simplifying Life with ValoremTeam:

  • Hardware Secure Module (HSM)
  • Cryptographic and Blockchain Infrastructure
  • QR Code/Barcode Signature Technology
  • Bi-Directional Transactions
  • Self-Service HR Portal
  • Easy Integration with API

Within the scope of HR processes, you can turn all your processes that are processed on paper into paperless processes.

+ Scanning the files in the physical archive and storing and managing them digitally with TÜBİTAK Time stamp.
+ Sending, approving and storing payrolls and all HR documents digitally in a legally valid manner.
+ Signing and storing contracts digitally to have legal validity.
+ Collecting personal documents digitally and storing them with TÜBİTAK Time Stamp.
+ Signing, approving and storing forms (Permission Forms…) digitally and with legal validity.

Reduce your costs, simplify and speed up your work, and increase the efficiency of your department.

Signatures must be real:
The records inside the signature stamps are the records that prove the authenticity of the document and signature. The authenticity of the document and signature must be verifiable with the help of independent programs.

Signatures must be part of the document:
Signature Stamps must be sealed on documents as part of the document. Statements, QR codes or LOG records on a separate page are not sufficient.

Signatures must have stamps that cannot be copied:
Signature stamps must be sealed on the document as signature stamps cannot be copied.

Signatures must be easy to make:
The Employer and the Employee must be able to view the document and make approval/objection in the same digital environment. Signed documents should be accessible anytime and anywhere.

Signed documents must be safe:
Documents and personnel information should be stored on the employer’s servers. Independent documents can be downloaded from the e-Payroll program and signature stamps can be verified.

Immutability must be guaranteed:
The immutability of the document, signature stamp and identity verification must be guaranteed with the Tübitak Timestamp.

Signatures must have witnesses:
The records created in two institutions authorized by the state must be records that bear witness to the signature process.

With the E-Payroll application, you can send your payrolls, have them approved and store the signed payrolls on your own servers for +5 years. Both the employer and the employee can access the signed payrolls at any time.

What should be included in the e-Payroll application:
+ The employee should be able to approve his/her payroll in the same digital environment.
+ The employee’s approval signature must appear on the payroll.
+ The approval signature must be a verifiable signature stamp.
+ The signature stamp must be able to verify the authenticity of the payroll.
+ The signature stamp must verify the identity of the signer.
+ Signature stamps must be a part of the payroll that cannot be copied.
+ Signature-stamped payslips must be stored on the employer’s servers.
+ Payrolls must be kept in their signed form for at least 5 years.
+ The employer and the employee must be able to access the signed payrolls anytime and anywhere for at least 5 years.

Other outstanding features of the E-Payroll application:
+ Personnel identification to the e-Payroll system takes place within 1-2 minutes.
+ Collective personnel identification is made using an Excel spreadsheet.
+ Bidirectional system (Employer – Employee, Employee – Employer).
+ All personnel have a self-Service Portal.
+ The employee can perform all his/her operations from a smart phone or tablet, a push-button mobile phone or a computer.
+ Employees can sign permission forms. It can be sent to a higher manager for approval.
+ Personnel candidates can sign employment contracts and KVKK documents.
+ During the recruitment processes, personnel candidates can upload their concise documents to the system.
+ All documents uploaded to the system are sealed with TÜBİTAK Time Stamp.
+ All documents are stored on the employer’s servers with TÜBİTAK Time Stamp.
+ All paper documents processed in HR processes can be managed and approved.
+ Integrates with ERP/HR programs thanks to API.

+ Paper documents and files are disappearing.
+ KVKK risks are decreasing.
+ The work of the HR department becomes easier.
+ HR unit saves time.
+ Costs are falling.
+ Documents are sealed with TÜBİTAK Time Stamp
+ Documents are stored on the employer’s servers for +5 years.
+ HR can instantly access all documents effortlessly.

Goal: Paperless HR Department!