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SSI (SGK) Systems and Personnel Analysis Robot

Are you struggling with SSI records? Say goodbye to the hassle with the SSI Systems and Personnel Analysis Robot!

Developed and trained by SSI auditors and AI experts, this cutting-edge technology automates tracking work accidents, approving e-visit reports, and seamlessly managing SSI Health Reports and Incentives. Tekno Kangaroo Robot is your company's HR assistant, alleviating your workload and ensuring efficiency in personnel affairs.

SGK Sistemleri

Social Security systems are vital for businesses, yet using separate service providers for each service can lead to inefficiencies and errors. Enter Techno Kangaroo Robots, offering a comprehensive solution to streamline SSI processes and eliminate time losses and mistakes.

SSI Incentives:

With Tekno Kangaroo, accessing instant data to calculate current period incentives is effortless. Say goodbye to spending hours sending emails and waiting for responses. Now, you can accurately and quickly calculate your incentives with ease.

Periodic Debt and Incentive Report:

With Tekno Kangaroo, swiftly transmitting your payment figures to your Accounting and Finance units is streamlined. There is no need to fret over creating tables from accrual slips anymore.

Incentive Planning:

Tekno Kangaroo provides strategies to mitigate incentive losses and capitalize on missed opportunities. Identify and seize those opportunities effortlessly.

Undue Exploitation Control:

Tekno Kangaroo diligently monitors your incentive transactions to eradicate the risk of undeserved benefits from incentives. Rest assured, your incentives are safeguarded with precision.

Accrual / Service Document Download:

Tekno Kangaroo enables rapid downloading of accrual slips and service lists, allowing you to categorize them based on period, document, and law type. Access and organize SSI accrual slips and service documents, all conveniently classified and defined. Plus, compile all personnel into a single Excel document effortlessly.

Progress Report:

Kangaroo provides a comprehensive overview of premium-based earnings, monthly incentives, and net premium payment amounts. Additionally, it facilitates reconciliation with the accounting unit by the end of each month.

Accrual Report Pending Approval:

With a single click, you can review your accruals pending approval before finalizing them. This allows you to efficiently manage your transactions and approval processes.

Periodic Debt Report:

Instantly check and report your SSI debt checks for all your workplaces anytime with a single click.

Number of Employees Report:

Maintain accurate oversight of your workforce. With Tekno Kangaroo, you can effortlessly and accurately access the precise number of employees across all your SSI registry numbers.

Employment Report:

Effortlessly access comprehensive employment information of all personnel across your SSI registry numbers on a single screen with Tekno Kangaroo.

Dismissal Report:

Effortlessly access the employment details of all dismissed employees across your SSI registry numbers on a single screen with Tekno Kangaroo.

Batch Job Entry Module:

You can log in to multiple SSI registry numbers with a single click.

Automatic Entry to SSI Systems:

You can connect all your workplaces to SSI systems without an e-declaration password.

Personal Authorization:

Possibility of customized authorization for multiple users.

Kangaroo Digital SSI Tracking System is the perfect solution for managing all SSI processes in your workplace. It is easy, fast, and reliable. Choose Kangaroo to make a difference in the business world.


Work Accident Robot

No More Administrative Fines Due to Failure to Report a Work Accident!

Your Robot HR Personnel Tekno Kangaroo artificial intelligence puts an end to wandering between records. It detects all work accidents daily and sends them to you by e-mail.

– Automatically logs into the Work Accident and Occupational Disease system daily for all defined insurance records.

– Add new Work Accident reports and inspection records to the system.

– It has a work accident inspection and marks the work accidents that have not been reported in the system.

– Sends an e-mail every morning to the person(s) authorized for the procedures carried out in the Occupational Accident and Occupational Disease system within the framework of the rules determined by the company.

E-Visit Robot

We Eliminate Your Visit Report Approval Workload. We Undertake All Legal Obligations!

Your Robot HR Personnel Tekno Kangaroo artificial intelligence puts an end to wandering between records. The report checks, analyzes, and approves the start and finish dates and staff entry and exit dates or marks them as not a member of my staff. It completes the process without any external intervention and sends its report to you by e-mail.

• Tekno Kangaroo automatically logs all defined insurance records into the SSI Visit System daily.

• If the company has performed a manual action (such as approving a report), it is detected, and the data in the system is updated.

• If SSI updates the data in the visit reports (such as report number, job start date, etc.), it detects it and updates the data in the system.

• Reports health reports unsuitable for the company’s approval and updates them in the system.

• For reports that can be approved by querying the SGK Employment Entry and Exit system, it checks whether the insured’s workplace is actively employed on the relevant report date.

• It checks whether the insured person is working at the workplace within the report date range and updates the system to notify the company if the insured has left his job.

• It pulls active reports from the system and determines whether approval will be given according to the company’s requested rules.

• Approves all reports to be approved at once.

• If a report is determined to extend beyond the following months, it is partially approved by SSI rules and reported to the company.